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The big number: total internal costs for interior design of 100 first giants stacked up to $2. 6 trillion in 2012, surpassing the last year has to be a cool $706 million. However, if total taxes inside rose 7 per cent to the 2011 tax and expect that in 2013, only a few tokens points put $2. 7 trillion. Even with this modest global growth, companies are good. International expansion since 2002, which extends upwards to advance quickly. Companies with projects abroad hit by all-time high by 25% in 2012. Around 85 percent of the global work in Asia and the Pacific to track the largest number because it s in 2008. Canada is also the heating, with 58% of the Giants there to find a job, compared with 39% three years ago. Other areas of growth: Africa and America from the South (37%, versus 26) and Central (up to 27% of 22). In the Middle East, held 61 percent in 2009 to 46%. The Giants expect the greater opportunities for international growth in China but also in central America and South by 2013. That disappeared? The United Arab Emirates. In 2010, 28% said it was hot; This year only 11 per cent. The greatest potential for growth in the year 2013, according to 83 per cent giants from the United States — the highest in four years. After years of growing sustainability trend has leveled and a permanent philosophies of gigantic companies (89 per cent). With an average of ProBusiness of 35 per cent of employees is LEED accredited and 59% of all the — products with a value of $38 billion — are durable. In the last year of eco-design, are on average 48% of 100 percent winners browser all costs fixed by 37 percent. . Methodology of the first edition of the annual survey of two giant pieces of Interior design firm includes 100 largest companies ordered at the expense of the interior decoration for the period of 12 months, until March 31. December 2012. The second giant fixed-top 100 will be published in July. Interior design include taxes attributed: 1 work all types of interiors, including commercial and residential district. 2. all aspects of a company's practical decoration, planning and management of strategic projects, design and programming. (3) to a company for the work carried out the tax paid by workers and employees, the equivalent full-time. Interior design includes all the benefits of the company paid and transferred to sub / contractors that are not considered equivalent to full time. For example, drag the few companies whose work is subcontracted to a local company. The company collects fees and maintaining a management or build paying the rest of society. These latter amounts not collection companies are passed in its determination of the classification. The associations are divided by the value in dollars of the installed products. The data were compiled and analyzed in New York, directed by Leung Wing, Director of research at market personal research of the Interior Design. .